We have received a lot of comments from our clients about our service.  They are of course written in Japanese, so I translate some of them into English.




A baby tested C400 on 07.02.2014

We don’t live in Japan.  My baby, 0 year old, has food allergy.
She cried a lot when she took a Blood test and skin test.  I felt sad to see her crying.

Then I found this Allergy Test.

My baby didn’t eat so many kinds of foods yet at that time,  and drank mothers milk, so that the report shows that she has some allergies to some food items that she has never eaten.

I find this Allergy Test so useful.  I had given her miso (from soya beans) soup for a long time.   It was because she had a low score of soya items at blood test and the doctor said she could eat soya items.

She had always scratched on the back of the knees.   There were always a lot of scabs there.

However, the Allergy Test shows there are no colours on fermentative soya products, such as soya sauce and miso, but there are colours on soya itself, tofu, and soya milk.  So I gave her a cup of miso soup without tofu, then the skin of the back of the knees changed to be so smooth. She doesn’t feel itchy anymore.   I had been struggling everyday, which food should I not give her!

This Allergy Test Report with kind and clear advice from Shimatest Japan helped us A LOT!

I strongly recommend this test to everyone who are struggling from food allergy.

Tested C400 on 10.2013  Female

I tried this Allergy Test, because I had sometimes had hives.  I didn’t know what the cause was.
Then the Report showed that I had allergies to Tomato and citrus fruits.So I started avoiding these foods.
These days I have had no hives at all.



A family of three tested C400 on 19.12.2013

Boy 11, Mother 43, Grandmother 68

We have been trying a varieties of methods to be healthy for a long time.

Unfortunatelly all the methods haven’t work well.   Our health condition are very similar.

That was the reason why we applied for this Test.

On the Reports there were a lot of allergic reaction, so we needed to change our diet.

In addition we found out we had a lot of allergic reactions to non-food-items.   We need to think about the way of our lives.

Shima test Japan gave me a lof of informations and tips. I would like to change everything, but little by little.

I feel it was great that Shima test Japan gave us not only the Reports,  but also gave us kind informations how to use the Reports.

We are rally appreciated it.We are exited that we are sure we would be healthy!!


Tested C250 on 24.12.2013

10 months old boy

My sister’s child has food allergy and my 10 month baby started eating food.

I applied for this Allergy Test because this Test wouldn’t give him any stress.

Shima test Japan was so kind and reliable.  So I didn’t have any stress to apply for the test.

The Report shows my baby has some allergies. It gave me a shock, but Shima test Japan gave me some positive tips. So I came to be positive to take care of him!

I am so glad to take this Allergy Test.  It is so clear and it tells clear items that I should pay attention.

I hope this kind of test would be more popular in Japan.  I am sure this test would help the children suffering from food allergies.

Shima test Japan gave me some information and tips for detoxing radioactive particles.  I am now serching about it.

Thank you very much.I would also like my other child to take this test.


Tested C400 on 15.12.2013

Male 18yrs old

I did this Allergy Test because my sister recommended it to me.

Since I was a child I have always been in poor health, but I have been under the impression that I don’t have any allergy, so I have eaten varieties of food as I wanted.

I was shocked at the Report.   It showed I had allergies to soya products and dairy foods.  I have tried to eat them everyday to be healthy,  but they have caused me an totally opposite and bad influence to my health.   Now I understood why I always had stomachach.

I would like to take care of my diet and be healthy.  Thank you very much.


Tested C400 on 01.11.2013

Female 50yrs

This is the second review for you.

Since I received the Report, I haven’t eat any egg, cheese, peanut, and artificial sweetners.

What a surprise!  I had been worried about my loose bowels, but it has stopped!I  have a bowel movement everyday.

The result is so true.  I am so glad to take this Allergy Test.

There was no colour in the colum of Mayo, so I felt it would be OK and ate a sandwitch with Mayo.  Then, it caused me diarrhea.  I felt I should be more careful to egg products.

I am going to take care of my diet.  Thank you very much for your advice, Shima test Japan.


Tested on 16.11.2013

A mother 30yrs for C400A baby boy 6m for C250

My son is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis with 80% possibility at a children’s allergy clinic.

He needed to start baby food, so I needed some informations and ideas before starting baby food.

Then I found Shima test Japan.   She explained to me that there might be no reaction to the foods he has never eaten.

But, the Report shows he is allergic to dairy products and egg.  So I am going to take care of it.

When he grows up, like at the age of starting school, I would like him to apply this Test again.

I did this Test as well, but only a few out of 400 items have some small allergy.  It shows I am good in intolerance.

And the Report shows lack of minerals.   That was as I expected.   I found it interesting.

Shima test Japan is so polite and reliable.  It is good that 400 items are tested at once.I would like to send forms of my husband and my son again some years later.


Tested C400 on 01.11.2013

Female 50yrs

I have been suffering from hypersensitive coln syndrome and dhiarrhea since more than 25 years.

I have tried vegetarian food diet with brown rice, supplements, Chinese medicines, and a lot of other treatments, but all of them have not worked well on me.  My chiropractic therapist recommended this Test to me.

The Report shows dairy products, chocolate, ice cream, and row and cooked tomatoes are allergic to me.  That was just as I expected.  But, it was surprising that I had been eating egg for nourishment, but egg has got a red mark!  Peanut was also red!

It is now so clear why I have those symptoms.  I was always in a long dark tunnel for a long time, but now I feel I finally came out of it!

I would like to write you again when my condition gets better.  Thank you very much, Shima test Japan!

KI 21

I have sufffered from rhinitis not only in pollen seasons, but throughout the year.  That is why I applied for the test.

I have learnt that I have some food allergies, even I don’t feel anything by eathing them.  I also have found that I am allergic to peanut at high level.  I used to eat them without thinking anything, but I am going to avoid it.

With the Report, I am sure I would like to manage my health conditions well.



Girl, 6 yrs old

Our daughter needs to restrict her diet.  We would like give her better quality food as much as possible.

There are some parts of the Reports we can’t still understand;  neither cooked tomato nor raw tomato are not OK, but ketchup is OK,  and egg is not OK, but mayo is OK.

However, we are so satisfied with the Report.  She had some health problems, but were not identified.Even her doctor said, he didn’t know, almost all the time we visited him.

Now we know that unidentified stomachahe is from low stomach acid, and pimples are related to Histamine.

Everything is now so clear and our problems has been solved.

We would like to apply for the test next time.  Thank you very much, Shima test Japan.


family of 2, Female 30yrs, Female 40yrs

Tested C400 on 06.11.2013

I have an anaphylactic shock experience.   However, I didn’t know what caused me to get it.   When it happend to me, I was at a party and I ate a varieties of foods, but only a small portion.  That made it hard for me and a doctor to find the exact items that caused the anaphylactic shock to me.  That is why I couldn’t take a blood test at the hopital.  Sometimes I feel itchy inside of my throat, and get some hives on my face and also on the back of my hands.  Whenever it happened to me, I ate totally different foods, so I couldn’t identify the cause.  Then I found Shima Test Japan and applied for Complex 400 plus Test.

Some items were at a high level of allergy on the Report.  I had never expected it and surprised at the result at first.   But, thinking back on the foods I had eaten and connecting them to my allegic reactions, it makes clear that some certain foods had actually caused me the allergic reactions.   I felt my problem was finally solved.

In addition, there are some foods that have never caused any allergic reactions to me are at a Medium Level.   I read the 20 pages document attached to the Allergy Report, it explained that all of those items would cause migraine (headache.)   Those food items are my favourite and ate them a lot, but I found those foods didn’t agree with me.   I understand it very much.

Moreover, a certain food causes me a stomachache, only when my stomach is empty, and the another certain food makes me sick, only when I don’t feel well.  These food items are also at a Medium Level of Allergy on the Report.

I find the Allergy Report very interesting.  I have some foods that I have been avoided because I thought I were allergic to them. Such foods don’t show anything on the Report.   I should have eaten them before taking this Allergy Test, so I could have received clearer Result!!  (Do you think is it madness to make the attempt?)  I am going to read the Reports carefully again and would like to make good use of it for my diet.  I really appreciate your service. Thank you very much.


30 yrs old Male

Tested C400 on 17.10.2013

I had been taking good care of my health condition related to food allergies for a long time, even before taking this Allergy Test. Then I found this Allergy Test.   It said it told us not only delayed type allergies, but also allergy intolerance, I was so interested in this Test.

My Allergy Report showed the allergy items that I had expected, but there were some items that I had never expected at all. Moreover there were no sings of allergy to the items that I had been avoiding.   I though I did handle those foods well.  This Allergy Test gives me a clear idea for a healthy diet.  I have just started to think what to eat with this Allergy Report.

I was so impressed that Shima Test Japan gave me kind and polite answeres and the translated document attached to the Allergy Report had so specific information.

I strongly recommend this testing service especially to the people who have some allergies, have some unidentified health problems, and who are suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.  Thank you very much.


Female, 30yrs old

tested C400 on 25.10.2013

Whenever I eat raw vegetables and raw fruits, they make me, these foods cause me to cough or itchy throat.

I took this Allergy Test to know if I am allergic to some foods.  That was a big surprise that I am allergic to Histamine in foods!!

Shima Test Japan explained to me about the Report very well, and my worry has been solved.   I would like to try some tips she gave to me.  Thank you very much.


Tested C400 on 17.10.2013

Female, 30 yrs old

I have skin allergy on both my hands for several years.   I had thought it was one of my physical characters and didn’t take care about it so seriously.   But, it was 2 years ago that I just felt it was caused by Wheat and stopped eating bread.  Bread was my favorite and had been eating it everyday.  Then, the skin allergy soon went away.   It has been two years since I stopped taking Wheat products.

This Allergy Test doesn’t show any allergic reaction to Wheat!  Recently I feel itchy on my eyelids after I eat something that doesn’t agree with me.  I had no idea which items cause this reaction.

This Allergy Report shows the items that I would never have expected.  Those items shows me a clear idea what items should I avoid.  I am so glad that I did this Allergy Test.  Thank you very much.


Tested C400 on 11.10.2013

A family of 20 yrs Female, 30 yrs Female, and 50 yrs Female

We are a family of 3 (only females.)

All of us get tired easily and have a weak stomach.  We were convinced that we didn’t have any allergies except for Pollen, and took good care to eat healthy, but the reports surprised us very much!

The reports showed it very clearly, that there were some specific foods we had been eating because we believed that they were good to our health or they were just our favourite.   From the repports we learnt that we were all different, we had different physical contidions, and all the foods do NOT agree with all the people.  All of us have marks of allergic reaction especialy to some dairy foods.  We had been trying to eat milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products as much as possible.   It was because we believed they were great for our health, but they were not.We are now all agree with that those foods might cause our health conditions bad.  We are all glad that it was tested not only food items, but also some environmental items and items related to our daily lives, and also it was great we didn’t get any pain like blood test.

We would like to eat foods that we agree with, and be stronger!  Thank you very much.


Tested C400 on 9.10.2013


Gender: Female

From my childhood I have suffered from some skin problems:  Atopic Dermatitis in my childhood, hives sometimes, and feeling itchy and having eczema all the time.   I had no idea what caused those problems.   In addition to it, I am not mentally stable for several years and started to take medication to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.   Recently I found out that some foods might have caused some skin problems.   I also found out that the Allergy Test was much simpler than blood test, and a lot of food items could be tested.   So I decided to try this Allergy Test.

The result was more than expected.   I could control my mental symptoms with the medication, but I felt I was not healthy enough and was doubtful of foods that I ate.  What a surprise, that the foods I had eaten at every meal had medium level allergy. It was a shock to me, but at the same time I was totally agree with the result.  I came to have an expectation that my health condition would be better by changing my diet.In addition, I have also hay fever symtoms and took a blood test this year.  But the report showed no signs of Hause Dust, although I knew I had allergy with it. So I was doubtful of the blood test.  However, this Allergy Test shows that I have allergies to both Hause Dust and Pollen at the same allergy level.   I find that this Allergy Test is clear, clearer than blood test, and I feel it tends to show the result of subjetive symptoms of applicants.

I had avoided some foods because I knew I was allergic to them.   Such foods I had avoided did’t have any allergy marks on the report. It is so clear.  I am really glad that I did this Allergy Test.  Thank you very much.


Tested on 25.08.2013

Family:Male 30 yrs old, Son 3 yrs old

Our son has multiple allergies.

At first I didn’t take him a blood test, and I just had chosen the food items which I thought good for him.   I was anxious to do oral food challange, so I had tended to avoid some food items which I thought he would have reacted.   Recently I had finally had him take a blood test, but only 3 items were tested.   So I had been searching for a testing service, then I found Shima Test Japan. He can not drink milk, but can eat jogurt.  At the result of the blood test, there was no mark on milk, but it was a mark at the Allergy Test.

The report of my husband showed an interesting result.   There were some items that he simply didn’t like to eat had some marks.   So I found out that these food items didn’t agree with him.   I am sure these reports would be a great reference for improving our diet.

I am also interested in applying for the test.   Thank you very much.


Tested C250 on 29.08.2013

1 Family: Father 30 yrs, Mother 30 yrs, Son 2 yrs

Our family of three did this Allergy Test.

At first we thought it would be enough only my son to take this test, but we were also interested in this test, so all of us took this Allergy Test.   When my son was sent to a hospital urgently and had a blood test, a doctor took a very long time to find his blood vessels.   The doctor put a needle into his blood vessels on the back of the both hands, it made him a heavy grinding pain.

Now he is so afraid of a blood test with needles.   However, he still needs to take a test for his allergy, we had been looking for the way to make him take the test, then we found this Allergy Test with hair sample.

Some items of the results were astonishing, but I am convinced of them.The reports of the test for us, the parents, were also astonishing.

Looking back over the past of my life, some bad physical conditions might be the result of eating some specific food items, I can predict.  The Allergy reports would become a great reference for improving our diet.   It is great the test was done only with hair sample.   We applied for C250 this time, but for the next time we would like to choose C400.


Tested C400 on 10.08.2013



Since I was 40 years old, my health condition had been getting worse.   I did a blood test for 10 items at a clinic, but it showed I didn’t have any allergies at all.  I started a nutrition therapy, I felt it worked, but only 80%.I still felt my health condition was not perfect, not 100%.

Then, I found Shima Test Japan.  My report showed that I had allergies to some food items.  I had no idea about them at all. Interesting, but doubtful. But, I just tried to stop eating these items for a week.   Then, it was a big surprise to me.   I didn’t feel itchy after eathing!Now I am so sure that I would get my perfect health conditon again with the Allergy Report.   I felt anxious to hear the result that I was allergic to some staple food items.

Shima Test Japan answered to my questions very kindly and politely.   I felt she was so reliable.


Tested C400 on 14.08.2013



I have experience of a blood test and a skin test. I really don’t like the skin test, so I wouldn’t take it any more. This Allergy Test sounded so effective to me. I don’t need to visit a clinic, I don’t get any pain , and I can test a lot of items, over 400, at once.

I had predicted that I would habe been allergic only to pollen or some items, but the allergy report surprised me a lot.  There were some items that had high scores.   I had never thought about anything to those items.And I ate dairy food everyday and I believed that dairy food was good to me just because I liked it.  But, the dairy items had got some marks from low to medium.

In addition, I found that I was allergic to lights, so I would like to pay attention to it.

There are a lot of items we can test, not only food items, but also soaps, toxic materials, metals and electric stress.   I haven’t got any marks on these items, so I am relieved.  I didn’t have a lot of knowledge abut allergy.

Thank you very much, Shima Test Japan. She was so nice and explained a lot to me.   She helped me a lot and the report itself was great to understand.I would like to use this report to make my lifestyle better.


tested on 18.07.2013



For some years I have had some skin problems. I did a blood test at a clinic, but only a few items could be tested,and my health condition hasn’t been better.  I couldn’t find the cause by taking the blood test.  So I took this Allergy Test.

My C400 Allergy report shows there are 14 high level items, 19 medium level items, and 16 low level items.   I was so surprised at the result, and the result gave me a hope that my health condition would be better.  I have eaten some foods with high level allergy.   There are even some items that I eat 3 times a day.  On the other hand, there were no marks on the items that I had doubted.

Shima Test Japan gave me some tips how to control them.

In addition, the PDF file attached to the report was very understandable and explained a lot.


10 years old boy

tested on 28.06.2013

It is impossible for a blood test to test all the food items we have eaten.  In this Allegy Test it is great that we can test over 400 items at once without any pain.   I took both a blood test and this Allegy Test. The items to which I have strong allegies at the blood test show high scores at the same items on this Allergy report.

I was so impressed that hair sample has so accurate information.   My son doesn’t like mashrooms and daikon.  I thought he just didn’t like it.  But, the report shows he has light allergies to these food, so I am not going to force him to eat them any more.

We can test not only food items, but also electric stress and other unique items only with hair sample.

I find it is an unique and effective test.


one family of mother 40y, boy 12y, boy 10y

tested on 29.06.2013

It was so convenient that a lot of items could be tested at once.

On the reports I found out that citrus fruits didn’t agree with me, so I have avoided them.  My health condition has been really good since then.

I used to try to eat citrus fruits,because people say they contain full of Vitamin C and great to our health.   But, I stopped eathing them.

I learned a lot from the reports.

This test includes unique items like “chocolate”, I find it is very useful.

↓ Feedback 2013 ↓


Female 44

Tested C400 on 7 February 2014

I have been suffered from disorder of dyspepsia for many years.   No stomach medicine is effective to me.  I feel some effect of taking herbal medicine about a year ago, but I felt that the cause of my poor physical condition is coming from food absolutely.   Any doctor didn’t believe the story, so I searched information by myself, then I found Shima Test Japan.

There were some food items that made my condition become worse when I ate this, but it had been vague until now.

Now the items caused me problems are clear.   For example , the condition became worse when I ate cake or chocolate.

The report clearly shows that I have reacted to the milk components contained fresh cream, cake,  and the chocolate .   I also have allergy to wheat and strawberry; it means a strawberry shortcake was just as a poisonous cake for me.

I started avoiding the food items that marked a high reaction, also started detox, and started intake of recommended supplements.

This Allergy Test has made me a pretty good mental-impact.   I think my physical condition would be changed later.

I think I would like to re-test when the detox progresses and my physical condition would be changed better.

It is sad if you are eating some food without knowing that  you do not agree with, so I  recommend this Test to my friends and my family .

I receive a lot of feedback from our appricants.
The feedbacks are of course written in Japanese, so I translate some of them into English.
 The Japanese-feedback page is updated frequently as soon as I receive a feedback.

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Last update 22/06/2015

Shima Family
Father 40, Mother 40, Son 12, Son 10 

Tested C400 in January 2014

This is Shima of Shima Test Japan.  This is not the first time for us, all of us did C250 Test 3 years ago.

So this is the second time to take Allergy Test for me and my husband, and the 3rd time for two of my sons.

Our health condition have improved very much since we received our Allergy Reports.
But, due to that fact that  we moved from London to Germany 2 years ago and our diet changed a lot,  our health condition had been a bit worser. That is why we took the test again.

This is the feedback of me, Shima.

When I took the C250 Test in 2011, the Report showed I had 47 items of medium allergy.

I was allergic to all of the citrus fruits, all milk products, grapes, melon, caffee, toothpaste, cosmetics, and detergent.  So I changed the toothpaste, cosmetics, and etc. immediately, and I was so happy to stop eathing these food items, because I didn’t like those food for a long time.

I believed “eating balanced (a variety of ) food items make me healthy.”  But, the report showed it was not true, so I didn’t have any problem to avoid what I didn’t like.

Now I received the new Report, C400, in 2014.

On my report there were no marks on cosmetics, chemicals, those fruits, and etc.

I was so impressed that my report was not colourful.

I strongly feel that I don’t agree with chemicals.  Organic cosmetics are really good to me.

Water intake.  I have been drinking water a lot since I received the previous Report.
This time the report shows I should still drink much water, but it is only 5 %.

I used to drink a lot of tee and coffee, but I stopped drinking coffee.

Instead of them, I add 2 or 3 cups of hot water, I drink them at evenings.

At first I felt it didn’t taste anything, but now I feel the taste and I feel water is the best.

I know I haven’t paid much attention to my diet since I moved to Germany from London.
I eat yogurt and tomato almost everyday knowing that they don’t agree with me.  In addition I have aten a lot of sweets and snacks.  That is why there are some marks on my Report this time.

When I received the Report, I felt, “Oh I know it!  I should have avoided these items before taking the test, so that I would not get any marks!!!”  But, I really understand it and I really think this Allergy Test is so accurate.

I took two Tests so far, I really understood what items I should avoid.

Before I took this Test, my health condition wasn’t well.

Now I feel my health condition is the best in my life, although I am 40.

The feedback of my son, 12 years old.

I am quite shocked at the report, but It was great that all the fish items show orange, not red.

I want to stop coffee, want to avoid peanuts because when I eat them accidentally I feel terrible in my throat.

I am going to avoid seriously what I should avoid.

The feedback of my son, 10 years old.

Accurate.  It is great the report shows not only food items, but also pollen and chemical ingredients.

I would like to pay attention to the items with colours.

I drink a lot of water everyday, but it says I need more water.  I would like to drink hot water.



Male 40s

Tested C400 in January 2014

The report showed I was allergic to egg and mayo, and  I knew it.  I have been doubting them for a long time since I was a child.

It takes 30 years to know the cause of my bad condition was egg.

But I always felt I didn’t agree with egg and did blood test several years ago, but the blood test didn’t show anything.  Now I am happy that everything becomes clear.

It has been one month since I received this allergy Report.  My condition, diarrhea, is much better.  

I also doubted about this testing service using hair sample, but it is so accurate.

I pay attention to what food I shouldn’t eat and always choose what I should eat carefully when I go out to eat.
Now I don’t get any pain or any symptom of diarrhea when I have a meal out.
Now I, over 40 years old business man, am thinking that it is not good for me always to have diarrhea.  It would cause some disease, so I think it is important to control my diet.

J and S

Female 36,  Male 43

Tested on B100 and C400 in April 2014

We tried this testing service because my husband had poor digestion.

The Report showed that I was intolerant to dairy products and some items which I had already known that I was allergic to them from the other Report of blood test at a clinic.  The Report also showed I was allergic to peanuts.
I am going to avoid those products.

The comments from Shima Test Japan were friendly and so usuful that I could learn a lot from them.

Thank you very much. 


Two Sisters 30s

Tested on C250 and C400 in January 2014

This time I and my younger sister applied for this Allergy Test.  I used to be in poor health when I was a child, so I had been wondering about the Report.

The Report showed that I was allergic to eggs.  I had been wondering that raw eggs or half-cooked eggs lways caused me stomachache, so I have a high level of egg allegy.
Also I have a high level of some of daily products, howeber, However, I had not taken any care of them.  In addition to them, I am intolerant to Histamin.

As I tried to avoid eggs and dairy products as much as I could, now my health condition is so stable.

My sister took this Allergy Test when she was in great stress due to eczema of unknown cause.  The Report showed the same as we expected.  The report showed that stress, low stomach acid and insufficient water intake.  Since then she takes more water and tries to avoid stress, the eczema was dissappeared.

My husband and my son did take this Allergy Test before. I found a quite surprising fact that the items I and my husband are allergic to are the same as my sons.  Also all of us are intolerant to Histamin. So it is sure that health condition can be inherited.

I am now pregnant, so I would like my second baby to have tested.


Mother 30s tested C400 in Spring 2014

Her son 4 tested C400 in Winter 2013

My son is allergic to egg, milk products, flower and etc.  He has an IgE level of 800.

I had been looking for guidance what kind of food should he avoid especially when I introduce him a new food.
I knew Blood Test was effective, but costed a lot and it would hurt him.  Then I found this Allergy Test offered by Shima test Japan, although I had a gread doubt about the Test.

I am satisfied with the Report.  He hadn’t ever eaten any of these 3 products, but one of them showed red, and the other two showed orange.

Kiwi has got red.  I had been thinking to introduce it to him, but I didn’t, because I felt I didn’t want.

Now I’ve found I did right.   I am not going to try to give him Kiwi any more.

In addition there are several items he didn’t like have got colour.  The result is so clear.

It was a shock that both of us have got yellow on Radioactive Fukushima.  Shima Test Japan told me that there are a lot of applicants who got orange on the item.  That was good to know.

I deciced to take this Allergy Test because the Report of my son looked so reliable.

I used to take a blood test at a clinic, because I had got eczema at that time, and the exact causes were unknown.  All the items on the report of the blood test were class 0.  Moreover I has got the IgE level of 14, which was very low.  The doctor said to me, you are not allergic to anything at all.

However, the Report of Shima test Japan showed that all the food items that I have had a doubt have got orange colour, and one item that I didn’t have a doubt at all has got red.  I think that I have eaten those items too much.  I started reducing amounts of food containing allergens.

Shima Test Japan gave me great support.  The price, with the support, is not expensive.  It is of course not inexpensive, but very effective for the children suffer from allergies.

Hz Male in 40s

Tested B100 on 5th April 2014

I am not allergic to specific food items, but my brothers are.  I thought it might be a good idea to avoid some food items.

I have got the Result that I shouldn’t avoid any food items.  All the items are under medium level.

I have got a colour on Hause dust item.   It is so right.

Whenever I clean my room, it causes my nose so runny.

About vegetables.  I don’t like them and don’t eat them a lot.  

There are no colour on the vegetables.

I am interested in C400 Test, which has more items of vegetables.

On the other hand, I have got a colour on Tuna.  I don’t eat it often, but I have found that what I eat quite often contain tuna a lot.

I would like to avoid or reduce the items with colour.  I don’t have any reaction to Radioactive Fukushima.

Shima Test Japan told me that it was so rare and asked me my diet.

I take turmeric supplement regulary.  I hear Turmeric can help to boost immune system.

It might be possible.

Male late 30s

Tested C400 on 9th January 2014

I got to know Shima test Japan through my friend.  I have atopic dermatitis several years and I know I have some food allergies.

I took blood test for IgE, IgG and IgA regularly. But I always felt the number of the items that can be tested at once was so limited, 100 items at most.  However, the Allergy test offered by Shima Test Japan has 400 items, 4 times more.

In addition it shows 5 levels of allergies and also shows vitamins and minerals that I need to take.  They are so attractive to me.

The result was just as I had expected.   That made me feel the testing service so reliable.

The Report showed me some new allergens that I had never expected.

In addition, Shima test Japan was really kind.  She explained me clearly.

It is a unique that it has a radioactive item and a PM2.5 etc.  I am shocked to know that a lot of Japanese applicants have got marks on radioactive Fukushima.  But it is good to know that diet is so important.

I started to avoid allergens and my health condition is getting better now.

The cost of this Allergy Test is really reasonable when comparing it with normal blood test.

I strongly recommend this Allergy Test.

One family of grandfather 70s, mother late 30s and daughter 3

Tested C400 on 21 May 2014

This is my second feedback.

I took this Allergy Test and found that it was so reliable, so I ordered the test again for my father, my wife and my daughter.

Whenever my daughter eats a raw egg, she gets some eczema around her mouth.  So I thought she might have egg allergy.  Her Report showed, as expected, egg was red, highest allergen.  We know it, but it is good to know by seeing the report.

The Report of my wife.  It was surprizing that she had got all the fish as red, the highest.  In fact she sometimes has got strange eczema on her hands and didn’t know why.  Now she know it may come from fish and shell fish.

The Report of my father.  When he drinks alcohol, he always feels itchy around around the stomach.  We thought that came from alcohol, but the report showed he was allergic to flower, egg, milk and shells.  His skin was peeling sometimes on the palm of his hands.  I think those food items might be the cause.

We would like to avoid our allergens.  I think the cost of this testing service is so reasonable.

I strongly recommend this Allergy Test especially to the people who are interested in food allergy.

AT, female 43 yrs old

Tested C400 on May 2014

For about 2 years I have been frequently suffering from low-fever, diarrhea and malaise.  The cause is unknown, even though I have had varieties of tests at a hospital.  I thought I might have food allergy or food intolerance. My allergic reaction to pollen is so quick, so I know I have allergy to that.  I didn’t know how could I find the cause.

About one year ago, I took a blood test to check my IgG, that tells delayed allergic reactions.  The result showed that egg and milk were high, flour, soya beans and peanuts are medium level.

So I have been avoiding egg and milk as much as possible.  My health condition has still been the same and I thought I had other allergens.  That is the reason why I found Shima Test Japan.

The Allergy Report by Shima Test Japan shows that dairy products and peanuts are in medium level, and no colour on egg and flour!  I am going to try a little bit of them.

On the other hand, soya beans and soya milk have got high level, that made me a big surprise.  It might be that I drink soya milk instead of cow milk.  Miso is OK, I hope I can eat Natto, too.
It is also a surprise that the Report shows I am allergic to pineapple and kiwi.  Now I understand it because I had got diarrhea after eating some fruits at a restaurant.

I have got a high level at artificial sweetner.  I don’t like sport drink and some drink with artificial sweetners.  I thought I just didn’t like the taste, but I think my body rejected it.

the most unbeliebable fact is that I am lack of water.  I drink water or herb tea quite often, so I thought my water intake was enough, but in fact 20% lack of water.  My skin are dry,  I would like to drink more.

The explanation in addiciton to the Report are really good and explain very good.

I would like to keep to controlling my diet well.

Two Boys, 3 years old, 8 years old

Tested Basic 100 on May 17th, 2014

My both sons had Otitis media,  sinusitis, and ADHD.  In addition to these problems, my younger son seemed out of it sometimes and had a breath disorder in the nights.  I thought they needed to take allergy tests, and the older son was afraid of taking a blood test.  Then, I found Shima Test Japan.

The reports showed that they had allergy to egg, milk, aroma chemical and etc.

I predicted that they had allergy only to milk, but it was not, because they had eaten eggs, snacks and junk food containing aroma chemicals without any immediate allergic reactions though.

It has been 3 weeks since they didn’t eat egg, milk and food additives.  The older son doesn’t have a runny nose any more.  In addition my sons  don’t have a quarrel so often.
I feel these food items had been made them uncomfortable.
The reports and advices of Shima have been very helpful.  Very good testing service.
I and my husband would like to take this test, too.  Thank you.